Further to the budget announcements at the end of October 2018, the changes to rates of the  National Minimum Wage (NMW) have been confirmed for April 2019. These are in line with the recommendations that were made by the Low Pay Commission.

They are as follows:

Current rate  (From April 2019) Increase
25 years and over (National Living Wage) £7.83 £8.21 4.9%
21-24 years £7.38 £7.70 4.3%
18-20 years £5.90 £6.15 4.2%
16-17 years £4.20 £4.35 3.6%
Apprentice rate £3.70 £3.90 5.4%
Accommodation offset £7.00 £7.55 7.9%

The National Minimum Wage is the minimum pay per hour that an eligible worker in the UK is entitled to which depends on their age and the year of their apprenticeship.  For further information about this and the National Living Wage, visit the government website here.

You can read more about the National Minimum Wage and how it is enforced here.