If you’ve ever been involved in conducting detailed workplace investigations, you’ll know only too well how challenging they can be. You will probably need to follow the Acas Code of Practice when a disciplinary of grievance arises. 

You won’t always have the time, specialist resources and skills – or wish to carry out a detailed investigation into a disciplinary or grievance matter yourself.  Sometimes you need to bring in external support.  This is where we can help.

We offer an investigation and report service put together jointly by a specialist employment law solicitor and HR consultants. We cover every angle.


Investigation service for grievances and disciplinaries

An investigation report gives you:

  • Expert assessment of the issues and legal and reputational risks at the outset
  • Recommendations on how to conduct the investigation stage
  • Identification of the witnesses and key documents involved
  • An objective, fair and thorough investigation process, following your internal policies and best practice
  • A high quality, impartial and analytical report, which you can rely on with confidence.
  • The benefit of both legal and hr specialist input
  • Logical, reasoned conclusions – using approaches that employment tribunals expect
  • A clear summary of the evidence and findings, in addition to realistic recommendations

Our expert reports will provide you not only with a high quality first stage to the disciplinary or grievance process but more importantly, it should improve your business’s legal position if the case later ends up in an Employment Tribunal claim.


Cost effective

External investigations make a lot of sense.

It’s not unusual for it to take over 40 hours to complete a workplace investigation.  That’s a lot of time for your HR team and managers to be away from their normal duties.  However, an investigation has to be done – and done properly.  Let us prepare the investigation. So that you can focus on running your business.

External investigations provide a more impartial view too.  There is a clear advantage when it comes to managing your reputation and legal risks, and for maintaining good employee relations.  It is hard for an employee to complain that an impartial external investigation has led to a foregone conclusion.


Still not convinced?

As a specialist employment law firm, we’ve dealt with many investigations into allegations of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and misconduct.  There is often conflicting evidence that needs to be weighed up impartially.

We also know how Employment Tribunals view investigations and the processes employers need to follow.  As experts, we know the sort of detail you will be expected to have gone into.  We act for claimants too and can easily pull holes in a Respondent’s investigation. We know all the tricks a Claimant’s lawyer will use to find an in-house investigation lacking.

If there is a risk the case could end up in an Employment Tribunal, instructing us at the investigation stage is a very effective way to increase your chances of successfully defending yourselves against a claim.  That’s because we have years of experience as Tribunal advocates expertise you won’t find with any other HR consultant or investigator.


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