Sickness and absence

Sickness absence can have a huge impact on your business – especially if you have limited resources. Whatever your size, it is essential to recognise that managing sick or disabled employees raises legal issues and will expose you to the risk of claims of unfair dismissal, discrimination, negligence or breach of contract if not done correctly.

Losing at Tribunal can be expensive. In the latest figures from the Ministry of Justice to March 2017:

  • The average award for an unfair dismissal claim was £16,543. The most awarded was almost £1.75million.
  • Those successfully bringing disability discrimination claims were awarded on average £31,988

Our experience shows – we know how to manage sickness absence effectively so your business does not suffer. We know the effect someone’s absence will have on colleagues and your business. We will advise you of your options and help you make difficult decisions and limit the risks to your business.


Act quickly

Dealing with someone’s absence is difficult if you don’t have the skills or experience. It’s not uncommon for absent staff who are out of sight to be out of mind. If someone is absent through illness, call us. It won’t cost you anything for the first advice.

When you need our help, we will be with you all the way through the process, whether it is:

  • Investigating sickness absence where you doubt that an employee is genuinely unwell
  • Establishing the cause of the ill-health or effect of a disability on their work, by preparing a report
  • Establishing the entitlement to statutory and company sick pay
  • Reintroducing an employee or making reasonable adjustments when they return to work
  • Deciding whether you can fairly take steps to terminate their employment through ill-health

It’s crucial you take advice before you dismiss someone on ill-health grounds. One phone call can prevent a claim for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination.

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