Senior executives

There are few issues as sensitive and as potentially disruptive to a business as removing a director or senior executives from their position.  Your reputation is at stake if you don’t handle the process smoothly and properly. If the legal aspects aren’t covered, it could prove expensive to deal with the consequences.

As experienced employment law specialists, we understand what is involved.

We’ve been working with businesses of all sizes for many years – to advise and support them on the departure of senior executives, directors and partners.  Whether it’s an amicable separation or an acrimonious departure, redundancy, poor performance, or misconduct, we’ve handled them all.  We have the expertise and experience to support you.



Restrictive Covenants

Winning new clients and customers is enough of a challenge without the added worry of what will happen when a key employee of executive leaves. That’s where our restrictive covenants expertise comes in. Being prepared can make all the difference.

Whether you are faced with an immediate dispute over a restriction or you are looking to protect your business through your employment contracts, as experts, we can help.

Many employment contracts contain restrictive covenants. Many are so poorly worded as to make them almost incomprehensible. Even when you can work out what the clauses mean, it is often the case that a court will not agree they are reasonable. If they are onerous and unreasonable, they aren’t enforceable and your business is unprotected. We will advise yo on what this could mean for your business and how we can protect you from it becoming an issue.


Settlement Agreements

There may be sound reasons for an employee or executive leaving – perhaps good terms, or maybe they are not performing, there is a misconduct issue, a potentially disruptive redundancy situation, or the working relationship has simply broken down.

Even a fair and carefully arranged termination process can take many different paths and many weeks to complete. Sometimes it is better not to leave it to chance. Settlement Agreements provide an alternative. By signing, your employee waives their legal right to go to an Employment Tribunal or court. Your employee must obtain legal advice from a solicitor for the Settlement Agreement to be binding.

If you are making a considerable exit payment, you will want to make sure there is no comeback. You will want a clean break and your business protected.

When we draft a robust Settlement Agreement, you will have the assurance and peace of mind that every detail is covered. We won’t provide you with an off-the-shelf template and leave you to fill in the blanks.


We will always provide you with what you need: clear, frank advice and negotiating tactics to protect your business.  We can help you decide what terms are reasonable and what’s worth bargaining over.

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