Redundancy and restructuring

Business Redundancy and Restructuring

Dealing with redundancy and restructuring can seem daunting for everyone in your business. Planning is everything. Let our experience make yours that much better.

Starting the process on your own can feel daunting. It risks becoming drawn out and unsettling for everyone in your business if not handled correctly. Our approach is to give you the tools and confidence to handle a redundancy situation in a legally watertight way, but without losing sight of the impact it will have on those facing disruption or selection.


Practical commercial advice

With the minefield of potential problems along the way, you will want a specialist to guide you through the process of consultation, selection and appeal. It is easy to find an ‘off the shelf’ procedure to follow or a helpline to repeat the law to you but when your colleagues’ livelihood, and jobs are at risk, you want an expert with years of experience of making the process as painless, risk free and dignified for all concerned as possible.

We hear of many employees who felt their employer didn’t care about them or treat them with courtesy during the redundancy consultation. Disgruntled employees increase the legal risk to the business.

We have helped businesses of all sizes restructure and make redundancies – from small family concerns to full site closures affecting hundreds of staff. Whatever the size of your business, we can help you identify the skills and personnel you need to keep, and prepare you for the consultation meetings with the minimum of fuss and risk of a legal dispute.


Plan, plan, plan

Planning is not everything, but it is a big part. We’ll help you identify problems before they arise so you can avoid them well in advance. We know what works best.

We provide you with the highest level of expert advice on your selection pools, selection criteria, scoring methods, scripts for meetings and record keeping, along with helping you identify alternatives to redundancy.


Collective consultation

Whether it is consulting on 21 or 200 redundancies through collective consultation, our experience dealing with staff committees and union representatives is enormous. We will guide you through it safely, keeping your employees on side.


Employment Tribunal claims

We will be with you all of the way. Sometimes, an Employment Tribunal claim will is unavoidable. We will be here to support you.


Settlement Agreements

Sometimes, no matter what, you will be faced with having to make a commercial decision in the interests of the business which flies in the face of best practice. We will guide you through your options, including negotiating the employee’s exit by way of a Settlement Agreement.

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