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The starting point for successful employee relations is knowing exactly where everyone stands and follow the right employment policies. You want sensible policies written in easy straightforward language everyone can understand and that doesn’t tie you in knots. It’s vital you get the balance right.  Your employment policies and procedures should be robust and comprehensive to protect your business against all the likely situations that could come up – but you won’t want to be tied up in over-complex and rigid processes that prevent you from being flexible when you need to be. For a limited period you can get your ‘GDPR Policies and Procedures Toolkit’ to help you comply with the law quickly and effectively for just £250 plus VAT. Click here to find out more Why does my business need policies and procedures?­ In part, because it makes sense for everyone to know what their rights and obligations are in order to prevent disputes arising in the first place. You get to set out the rules and standards you expect your employees to meet. If employees do not adhere to your rules or achieve the required standards, the policy can be used to invoke the appropriate disciplinary or performance improvement procedure.   What policies should I have? We can help you decide which policies are appropriate for your business, review existing policies or write new ones tailored to your exact needs. There is no point in having a policy you are never going to need. If you need guidance to apply policies and procedures, we are here to help. Whether you are a small start-up business taking on your first employees or a large established one, we will ensure you comply with the latest developments in employment law and good practice.   Getting the balance right Whenever we review your existing policies or create new ones for you, we will always ensure you have easy to understand documents that are watertight – meaning your staff can’t exploit a loophole or ambiguity against you. At the same time, we appreciate there will be situations where you want built-in flexibility so you can adapt to changes.  You won’t want a redundancy or disciplinary process to grind to a halt all because an employee has unconvincingly decided to go ‘off sick’.  Nor do you want the burden of staff having the contractual right to be accompanied by a trade union representative or colleague at every single meeting with their line manager. With our policies and procedures you will always get a sensible, practical approach that is both reasonable to your staff and allows you to manage them effectively.   Always fit for purpose Following the wrong procedure or having an unsuitable policy will be a waste of your time. Making the wrong decision could be an expensive mistake. If you need help, we can guide and train your staff to understand how to put the policies and procedures into practice.   We cover every angle As well as working on the areas you know you have concerns over, we’ll use our experience to suggest any other terms or policies we think you’d benefit from.  Offering suggestions for improvement to your particular business is all part of the service.

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