Confidentiality and competition

Winning new clients and customers is enough of a challenge without the added worry of what will happen when a key employee of executive leaves. That’s where our restrictive covenants expertise comes in. Being prepared can make all the difference.

Whether you are faced with an immediate dispute over a restriction or you are looking to protect your business through your employment contracts, as experts, we can help.


What are restrictive covenants and why does my business need them?

It’s human nature not to want to think about good relationships turning bad – but you need to protect your business just in case.

Restrictive covenants can discourage an employee working for a competitor, poaching your staff and clients or from using sensitive information such as commercial contacts and client details. If they then go on to try to harm your business, you can enforce the restrictions in court.

Many employment contracts contain restrictive covenants. Many are so poorly worded as to make them almost incomprehensible. Even when you can work out what the clauses mean, it is often the case that a court will not agree they are reasonable. If they are onerous and unreasonable, they aren’t enforceable and your business is unprotected.


Details, details, details

We are used to seeing the big picture. As specialist employment lawyers, we look for the detail too.

Getting the precise wording and extent of the restriction is a highly specialised area of employment law.  It’s a challenge to make them narrow enough to be enforceable but also wide enough to adequately protect your business interests.  We understand how to tailor them to different sectors and types of business.  And crucially, to specific key roles in your business.

We’ll start by understanding your business, how you work and what you want to achieve, as well as the pressures you’re under from competitors. We will ensure your business is properly protected.



If you need to enforce restrictive covenants in your employment contract or service agreement, we will be ready to act quickly.  We will represent your business using a range of tactics to deter your former staff from breaching their restrictions.  We are highly effective in ensuring they comply.  You will also receive practical advice from us as to what your legal options are.

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