Annual Retainer Service

There are plenty of employment law and HR annual retainer services out there.  Ours is one of the best, because of its expertise, flexibility and scope.

We like to keep things simple.  For a fixed annual fee you will get pretty much unlimited advice and support from an expert employment law solicitor whenever you need it.

It’s an easy to get out of contract for an agreed annual fee.  You spread the cost by paying us monthly or quarterly. There is no long tie-in either. You just need to tell us before the 12 months are up or you can let it continue and give us three months’ notice to bring it to an end.

You only pay for the support you need.  We build you a bespoke package around your budget. Whether a big business needing expert help or a small start-up needing basic assistance.

And finally, you will get sensible, practical advice tailored to your business. You need an expert employment solicitor with an opinion.  Someone creative and bold who will not shy away from a problem or sit on the fence when it comes to making a decision.  If you have done something wrong, we’ll tell you and then find a practical solution that works for you. We will understand you, your business, your staff and the way you work so that we will always act in your best interests.

You choose the services that matter to you. These can include

  • Day to day employment law advice and support
  • Employment Tribunal claims
  • Settlement agreements
  • HR consultancy

Our fixed-fee annual retainer scheme delivers.  You won’t pay for something you don’t need or find there is a long list of exclusions and exemptions.


What do we get?

  • A preliminary review and update of your standard staff employment contracts, handbook, and policies and procedures to ensure they conform to the law and best practice.
  • Reviews and updates as the law changes, to make sure your practices are up-to-date.
  • Advice, guidance and documents for all your day to day employment law issues including misconduct, poor performance, sickness and incapacity, standard redundancies, grievance and disciplinary issues.
  • Regular emails and bulletins on employment law and HR, as well as finding out about developments as soon as they break and how your business is affected.
  • Free entry to our Employment Law and HR training sessions, and free copies of all publications.

If there is an employment law or HR service you want to add later on, we will guarantee a 20% discount on our usual hourly rates or fixed fees.

Our support is that comprehensive.

“Philip has been providing essential employment law advice to my business for the past year; he has supported me through a variety of potentially tricky employment relations issues which have resulted in positive outcomes for both the employer and employee. His advice is practical and easy to implement and I have felt in very safe hands. I am very happy to recommend Philip for all employment law matters.”

“We are kept up to date with progress each month. We receive invaluable support and draft legal documents every month to help us tighten up on our internal policies and procedures. We feel they are adding value to our business each and every month.” 

You won’t have to worry that we will sit on the fence with our advice to find a way out of calling on an insurance policy to pay out if you don’t follow our recommendations to the letter – there is no big insurance company behind the scenes.  You will always receive the very best, most appropriate advice for your business and if you want to take risks and be bold then we’ll be there with you, all the way.

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