The best legal advice can be expensive – we won’t pretend it is easy for everyone to easily afford to pay – especially if you are about to lose your job.  That’s why we have different ways to let you to get expert employment law advice without worrying about the cost.

Your first legal advice is always free. We will work out if we can help you and then take it from there.


No-win, no-fee

We are always willing to consider your case on a no-win, no-fee basis. Put simply, we don’t get paid if we don’t get you a settlement or win at Tribunal. It is often an attractive option at a time when your financial security is uncertain and other ways of paying aren’t available. You can find out more about no-win, no-fee here.


Legal Expenses Insurance

Many of our clients have legal expenses insurance as part of a buildings or contents policy on their home – or through membership of a union or professional association.

We will help you apply to the insurer to cover legal costs at the start. As soon as we sign the agreement with your insurers, funding will be in place. It is usually the best option – if you have it. You benefit your insurer paying your legal fees and you get to keep 100% of your damages or settlement.


Discounted hourly rates for employees

We can give you legal advice and represent you on a traditional hourly rate which is payable win or lose. How much you pay will depend upon the amount of time we spend on your case.

Like you, we want to know how much something costs in advance. That’s why we are always up-front and open about our fees. We will give you an estimate of potential costs from the outset – giving complete clarity.

We offer all employees a discounted fee rate of around 10% off our standard charges.  The discounted rate is a little more than tends to be charged by a general high-street solicitor and other advisors who cannot offer the same level of service and experience. However, our rates also undercut larger commercial law firms, with whom we compete in terms of quality and service, by around 30% – that’s up to £75 + VAT less per hour.


Guaranteed fixed fees

We are happy to work within a fixed budget and never charge any more.

When we agree our fees, we stick to it. That’s why we are always up-front and open about our fees from the outset. You can budget for the work we do for you without having a nasty surprise at the end.

We can often negotiate a contribution towards fees from your employer to reduce the cost to you.

Our guaranteed fixed fee Acas Early Conciliation is very popular with clients.


Settlement Agreements shouldn’t cost you a penny.

We guarantee you won’t have to pay us anything when your employer makes a contribution towards costs on completion of the Settlement Agreement. They pay for your legal advice.

You will get the same excellent service no matter how much your employer is contributing. We will do everything we can to get you the best deal possible – and we are very, very good at it too. You can read more about Settlement Agreements here.

What about my employer’s costs?

Only in very exceptional circumstances will you ever be at risk of having to pay your employer’s costs. If it is ever a possibility, we will tell you straight away.


What about Employment Tribunal fees?

There aren’t any… for now.  In July 2017, the Supreme Court ruled that charging claimants a fee to bring a claim in a Tribunal was unlawful.


What if i want to pay privately?

Our pricing for bringing claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal if you choose to pay privately. 

    • Simple case: £2,000 – £7,500 (excluding VAT)

    • Medium complexity case: £7,5000 – £15,000 (excluding VAT)

    • High complexity case: £15,000 – £50,000 (excluding VAT)

Factors that could make a case more complex:

If it is necessary to make or defend applications to amend claims or to provide further information about an existing claim

    • Bringing claims against employers who are not legally represented
    • Making or defending a costs application
    • Complex preliminary issues such as whether the claimant is disabled (if this is not agreed by the parties)
    • The number of witnesses and documents
    • If it is an automatic unfair dismissal claim e.g. if you are dismissed after blowing the whistle on your employer or for a discriminatory reason
    • Allegations of discrimination which are linked to the dismissal



Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as court fees or medical or expert reports. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

Counsel’s (Barrister’s) fees estimated between £750 to £1500 per day (depending on experience of the advocate) for attending a Tribunal Hearing (including preparation)


Key stages

The fees set out above cover all of the work in relation to the following key stages of a claim:

    • Taking your initial instructions, reviewing the papers and advising you on merits and likely compensation (this is likely to be revisited throughout the matter and subject to change)
    • Entering into pre-claim conciliation where this is mandatory to explore whether a settlement can be reached;
    • Preparing claim or response
    • Reviewing and advising on claim or response from other party
    • Exploring settlement and negotiating settlement throughout the process
    • preparing or considering a schedule of loss
    • Preparing for (and attending) a Preliminary Hearing
    • Exchanging documents with the other party and agreeing a bundle of documents
    • Taking witness statements, drafting statements and agreeing their content with witnesses
    • Preparing bundle of documents
    • Reviewing and advising on the other party’s witness statements
    • Agreeing a list of issues, a chronology and/or cast list
    • Preparation and attendance at Final Hearing, including instructions to Counsel

The stages set out above are an indication and if some of stages above are not required, the fee will be reduced. You may wish to handle the claim yourself and only have our advice in relation to some of the stages. This can also be arranged on your individual needs.


How long will my matter take?

The time that it takes from taking your initial instructions to the final resolution of your matter depends largely on the stage at which your case is resolved. If a settlement is reached during pre-claim conciliation, your case is likely to take 3 – 6 weeks. If your claim proceeds to a Final Hearing, your case is likely to take between 26 and 52 weeks. This is just an estimate and we will of course be able to give you a more accurate timescale once we have more information and as the matter progresses.


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